Press Release 1: October 17, 2021

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New website presents Israel as “The World’s Most Amazing Micro-Nation,” launches seed capital crowdfunding campaign

    • is a new US-based website that presents Israel’s achievements, benevolence and generosity, to a world that is largely unaware of anything other than widely-spread lies about her
    • The site will format key data & personal testimonials into infographics, short videos & eventually, virtual reality apps, targeting younger generations, which are strongly trending against Israel
    • A crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise money to enable the site’s creator to develop its business plan, recruit executives and advisers, pursue 501(c)3 recognition, and oversee start-up operations

I Love Israel, Inc./ 17, 2021

VIRGINIA, USA: According to a new US website,, Israel is not just losing the global information war that’s being waged against her, she’s being annihilated. Many Israel lovers are unaware of this fact, or how things got to such a tragic point:

    • For nearly 20 years, surveys throughout the world show that Israel is viewed as being (a) among the nations having “the most negative influence” on the world, and (b) a “top threat to peace”
    • Strong support for Israel in America is being reversed, at a lightning rate, especially among younger generations — even among Jews & evangelical Christians
    • More hate crimes are perpetrated against Jews in NYC than against all other minority groups, religious & non-religious, combined; many of these hate crimes are driven by hatred of Israel

This is happening despite the fact that while Israel has only 1/10th of 1% of the world’s population, it routinely produces breakthroughs in science, technology, and humanitarian ways to protect civilians during times of conflict – and, after tragedies strike around the world, her people are often first on the scene, providing vital aid. Yet according to’s creator, Jon Sutz, these facts, and the diverse voices who love Israel, are unknown to the vast majority of the world’s population: was born of necessity, to create a destination on the Internet where essential facts about Israel can be curated, organized, and adapted into 21st-century media formats,” says Sutz, a multimedia designer, writer and creative consultant (bio). “Hatred of Israel is almost invariably based on lies, that most often spread without serious popular challenge. To help reverse this situation, we will present the reality of Israel, and the voices of those who love her, on a premium-quality, encyclopedic website, that’s freely available to anyone who wants to discover — and share — the truth about this amazing micro-nation.”

To begin turning into a functioning nonprofit, Sutz organized a seed capital crowd-funding campaign at The centerpiece of the campaign is a 12-minute mini-documentary: “Israel: The World’s Most Amazing Micro-Nation.”

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