About ILoveIsrael.me


To become the premier global online destination and information resource for those wishing to advocate for and defend Israel, in positive and verifiable ways, against the lies that are spread about it


A world in which the many reasons that rational. compassionate and tolerant people love Israel are commonly known, and easily shared


For many years, a wide variety of egregious, malicious lies about Israel have been allowed to spread worldwide, including in Western nations. For example:

      • 2008: A survey of 15 European nations showed Israel is viewed as the #1 “threat to world peace”; these findings mirror a 2003 survey of Europeans, which produced the same result.
      • 2014: A worldwide survey reveals that Israel is viewed as one of the world’s “biggest threats to peace,” on par with Iran and North Korea.
      • Major social influencers claim that as a matter of national policy, it is doing to Palestinians what the Nazis did to the Jews, during the Holocaust.

See more research data that documents the tragic, deliberately-spread misconceptions about Israel, here.

Throughout the world, otherwise normal, non-political people – and even elementary school children –  are subjected to these anti-Israel lies, without any visible:

(a) Rebuttal (let alone in plain language, and that is substantive and verifiable)

(b) Efforts to hold to public account hose who spread these lies, and those who enable them

As a result, these lies are allowed to take hold, spread, fester, and become endlessly reinforced.

The I Love Israel™ project was created by Jon Sutz, a multimedia designer, writer and strategist, based in Charlottesville, VA. as a means to:

      • Help advance public understanding of Israel’s amazing historical and contemporary innovation, generosity and benevolence – even to its enemies, and those living under neighboring tyrannies
      • Arm serious, principled pro-Israel activists with custom-crafted, high-end tools and resources to help them advance this mission, in aggressive, efficient, responsible and even satirical ways

The essential components of the I Love Israel™ project will consist of the following:

      • A website that contains carefully-curated materials that showcase: Israel’s significant contributions to all major areas of rational human interests; Personal testimonials from people throughout the world, that articulate why Israel has earned their respect and reverence; Israel’s over-the-top benevolence towards the Palestinians, and the humane way in which it defends itself from terrorists.The website will also feature opportunities to purchase themed merchandise bearing the distinctive, trademarked I Love Israel™ logo (T-shirts, coffee cups, bumper stickers, etc.), solicitations for donations, and other means of advancing the project.
      • High-end infographics, slide shows and short video documentaries, each of which establish one vital reality, and contain links back to source materials, ready for deployment across social media, for aggressive positive & push-back advocacy (email campaigns, live presentations, etc.).
      • Live events such as webinars, public debates and creative, unconventional means by which to spread I Love Israel™ assets, especially on college campuses, social media, and world capitols.

Status of the I Love Israel™ website

June 8, 2020, by Jon Sutz:

“The site is still under construction. I’ve completed the essential backbone pages, containing content that I believe would compel anyone with rational values to deeply respect, if not love Israel. Here is a listing of the pages I’ve completed:

Israel’s efforts to combat COVID-19 I Love Israel

Israel’s medical innovations I Love Israel

Israel’s technology innovations I Love Israel

Israel’s humanitarian benevolence – even for enemies I Love Israel

Israel’s LGBT inclusion & protection I Love Israel

Israel’s agricultural and environmental innovation I Love Israel

Israel’s benevolence towards animals – especially dogs I Love Israel

Israel’s inclusion of immigrants, the handicapped and special-needs people I Love Israel

Israel’s public safety efforts I Love Israel

I’m currently working on developing the home page, and learning to integrate a custom slider (scrolling marquee) at the top of the home page.